With an impressive 30 million bottles sold since its launch, the Naturally Plus
all-time bestseller SUPER LUTEIN boasts a golden formula well-loved by consumers. Combined with new antioxidant ingredient MIRTOGENOL®, carotenoid supplement specialist Naturally Plus takes this unmatched formula to greater heights with the launch of SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS. It’s truly a FEAST FOR YOUR EYES!

What is Antioxidation?

As ironic as it sounds, oxygen is an essential element that is needed for sustaining all life, but just like anything else, too much of it can be a bad thing. Oxygen is one of the most damaging and deteriorating elements that cause free radicals to develop in the human body. Free radicals cause a chemical reaction with tissues and cells that eventually become the damaged tissues, cells, or molecules resulting from oxidation. Similarly, the building of rust is the deteriorating result of a chemical reaction in which iron bonds with oxygen through oxidation. Our bodies, with age, deteriorate and corrode just like any metal that is exposed too long to the elements. The deterioration is due in part to the oxidation of substances or tissues in our bodies. Antioxidants help by taking the extra oxygen from our bodies, combining them with another element to be safely absorbed or taken out of our bodies entirely, and preventing more free radical “problematic” cells from developing.

A History of Success and Development

In 1999, Naturally Plus launched in Japan with one mission and with one product. To share with the world how to live a better overall quality of life through better health and the option and possibility of better financial stability. We began with Super Lutein, our flagship product that has helped millions of people. We have improved upon that formula to bring you MIRTO+. An upgraded nutritional supplement that packs more of an antioxidant punch. SUPER LUTEIN MIRTOPLUS is the synergistic combination of a water-soluble antioxidant MIRTOGENOL® and the fat-soluble antioxidant lutein which hails as a breakthrough in Naturally Plus’ product development.

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